When do you get runners up

This is how you avoid miraculous chafing and chafing while running

This creates miraculous chafing and chafing when you run

Chafing occurs either when skin rubs against skin or the seams of clothing items for a long time. When running, this is especially the case over long distances or in the hot summer months.

In women, the inner thighs are particularly affected, but also the breasts and also the upper arms.

Men like to feel uncomfortable under the armpits or on the nipples. The longer you are on the road, the more severe and painful the sores can become. Once there, they really aren't fun for anyone!


The best tips to prevent chafing

You can reduce the risk of running into a wolf with a few simple tricks in advance:

  • When buying your running clothes, value quality! Avoid cotton clothing and invest in good functional clothing. Cotton likes to soak up sweat quickly and thus worsens the friction on the skin.
  • Eighth For shorts and the long sides of running shirts and tops, make sure that the Seams don't run where they meet your skin.
  • Alternatively: Take a close look at the seams of your clothing beforehand. Soft flat seams reduce the risk.
  • Zippers on the skin should be covered! Even if zippers are seldom attached directly under the arm, they still hit your skin on the inside and that too can lead to chafing.
  • As a man, you can tap your nipples or you wear a particularly tight shirt that doesn't slip all the time.
  • Make high demands on your running shoes! Of course, this principle always applies, but many underestimate the fact that they can also get sore spots in their shoes. That is why it is all the more important that your running shoes fit properly. For example, we wear thinner socks in summer than in winter. That can go a long way.
  • Wear new running clothes before you wear them in competition! Many are tempted to wear the event shirt or running pants, especially at running events, and whoosh, you've run into a wolf. Therefore, it is better to rely on the tried and tested during competition.


The usual chafing spots on runners

In summer in particular, like so many other women, I have to struggle with two areas that make me sore: On the one hand, the inner thighs. Finding the right running shorts is a horror. Either you get shorts that are simply too short for my thick thighs and with which chafing areas are simply preprogrammed. Or you only get pants three-quarter length ... But I melt with them from 20 degrees ... In the meantime I have found running pants * that I can absolutely recommend and thanks to which I no longer run any chafing marks:

The second place that is predestined for scrubbing are my breasts. A well-fitting sports bra must be snug so that it can support the weight of your bust. But tight also means risk of chafing. My insider tip helps here and for all other jobs: