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Dream interpretation clock

Whether with the proverbial ticking on the wall or with an inexorably swinging pendulum - when we think of a clock, we automatically think of the time and its passage. The clock measures the seconds, minutes, hours, it divides our time into sections and thus makes us aware of its slipping away. It causes stress for many people when they rush through everyday life and always have to keep an eye on the pointer of the clock. We can also think of a music box that might remind us of happy childhood days.

If the watch appears as a dream symbol, it is about change and transience, but also about the positive counterpart, further development. In addition, the clock can stand in the dream for planning and careful use of our time - true to the Latin proverb "Carpe diem" (in German "Use the day"). If you don't have a watch, you are late much more often because you have to estimate the time of day or read it from the sun.

Several aspects are decisive for the dream interpretation. What kind of watch did you see? A wrist or pocket watch? A cuckoo clock or a very precise quartz clock? Maybe even a sundial or a wall clock? Was it showing the correct hour or was it wrong? Did she even stop? Was the watch defective, did you perhaps also recognize a watchmaker in a dream who was working on a clockwork?

Depending on the context and appearance, this dream symbol can be interpreted very differently. Now read more about the dream situations with a watch that are reported about more often than average. Then we will be happy to explain the aspects of general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation to you.

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Dream symbol "clock" - the most common dreams about the symbol

Broken! The beautiful watch is defective in a dream

The dream symbol "clock defective" is, according to dream interpreters, a sign that something has come to a standstill or comes to an end. This can mean the break in a friendship or the conclusion of a phase of life. Depending on which feelings prevail in the dream, the termination means a time of sadness or relief. A broken watch can, as a dream image, also prompt you to take a break in the awake life. If the timepiece is defective because it was dropped, this indicates distress.

It runs backwards ... A strange dream watch

If a clock goes backwards in the dream experience, it means that certain things that he has already achieved and learned are no longer of any use to the sleeper in reality. He may have to cope with significant regression. The fact that the timepiece runs in the wrong direction in a dream can also be a sign that difficulties in reality are regressing. The dreamer may get the chance for a fresh start.

Oh how nice! A watch gift. The dream analysis

Basically, a watch that we give someone in a dream is understood as a positive sign for our own future. According to general interpretation, the symbol of the watch gift heralds luck in very different areas of life: Both in professional life as well as in the private environment, the dreaming will be able to rely on his fellow men and all things will turn out to be good.

Made of pure gold and extremely noble: the valuable watch in dreams

The gold watch stands in the general interpretation of dreams for superficiality and the tendency to pride. If one wears such a high-quality, decorative watch in a dream, one also loves luxury and the money-related success that is usually associated with it in the waking world. However, if the expensive clock has stopped, this can be interpreted as a warning: business could go badly, money could be lost.

The stolen watch as a dream

If someone is stolen a watch in a dream, the dreaming person feels cheated in the waking world of available options. This emotion can relate to both personal and professional matters. If the watch thief who appeared in the dream is known to the dreaming from reality, then his negative feelings are directed towards this person.

If a stranger is behind the theft, the sleeper may have robbed himself of opportunities in everyday life. The moment when the dreamer notices the lack of a wristwatch, usually signals successful business.

Dream symbol "clock" - the general interpretation

Like many dream symbols, the clock embodies more in dream interpretation than just its obvious function as a time meter. She points to ours Lifetime down. Do I use my time as I want or need? Should I take more time for something in my life? Is something coming to an end? These are questions which the dreaming can ask to get the meaning of his dream on the track.

If in a dream you repeatedly look at the clock in a hurry, this indicates the fear that tasks not being able to cope with it in my own life or not in time. You may feel overwhelmed by the many duties that await you and should plan your time better. Careful timing can help relieve this stress.

Who hears the clock ticking constantly, deals symbolically in the dream with tasks and duties that he has to take care of. Stopped clocks indicate either that the dreaming one Break from constant time pressure, or they symbolize that end a phase of life or an acquaintance.

If the clock hands indicate shortly before twelve o'clock in the truest sense of the word - either around midnight or noon - this is seen as an indication that an urgent task is waiting to be completed and can no longer be postponed. It can also be forward-looking decision act. The imminent of such a decision also indicates the striking of a clock, which the dreaming perhaps only hears without seeing the clock itself.

The dream symbol "clock" also draws attention to the fact that there are upcoming opportunities for Further development should be used, after all, the lifespan is limited and an hour that has passed cannot be retrieved. Pointer, which move much too fast, indicate strong dissatisfaction in the life of the dreaming. If, on the other hand, you wind a clock in a dream, you begin a new phase of life.

If a clock runs backwards in the dream, then perhaps some developments which the dreaming has made are retrograde again. Changes can also revert to the original status. The positive thing about it is that in this way you can avoid problems in the waking world, since you have already had the experience with them. By returning to an earlier point of life one receives one second chance.

Different types of clocks can also have different meanings:

  • Watch: You literally carry the time with you; Dream symbol for time pressure or unfinished business
  • Station clock: Travel and change, either the dreaming feels rushed or a change is appropriate
  • Egg timer: more detailed time planning necessary
  • Church clock: reference to the interior of the dreamer; the clock marks a contradiction between the externally passing time and the inner rhythm of life
  • Cuckoo clock: Request to deal with current developments and changes
  • Pendulum clock: up and down of life, the rhythm of time; everything stays in motion
  • Hourglass: One longs for the past, which is glorified as the "good old days"
  • Pocket watch: reminder of an appointment and of fulfilling your everyday obligations
  • Wall clock: ruler over the time of the room in which the clock is located; What is meant is the symbolic, inner space of the dreaming, for example a certain area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife
  • Alarm clock: More attention is needed for life or the environment; a ringing alarm clock can indicate imminent danger.

Dream symbol "clock" - the psychological interpretation

Anyone who dreams of watches is concerned with their own lifetime. This can be an expression of Fears to be - fear of the end of life, of wasting precious hours. But it can also mean the positive examination of your own goals and wishes, an indication to think through your own time planning, to deal with upcoming changes. The dreaming might want to go more awake through life, or upcoming tasks look in the eye instead of postponing it until sometime.

The big one lies in the limitation of the lifetime motivationto focus on the essentials and to rethink one's own actions. The fears mentioned above are not simply a means of exerting pressure on our subconscious, but a valuable indication of how we perceive our life and what we can change.

Dream symbol "clock" - the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the clock and the time in the dream symbolize the time and, related to it, that Age. It also stands for inner rhythm.