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Young and Broke? 9 Cool & Cheap Travel Destinations

Who does not know that? The wanderlust knocks, your friends rave about their last trip to you and everyone on Facebook is also on vacation, but your piggy bank says no very loudly.

Our flexible search can help you convince your piggy bank, because if you choose our search option with flexible dates, you can save a lot. Log in, click on Flights and select the option "Flexible Dates". Under Flexible Month you now choose your desired period and your preferred length of stay and you can start traveling cheaply.

And where should the journey go? Fortunately, you ended up with us because we are introducing you to 9 cheap travel destinations that your piggy bank won't complain about either. And the best part about it? Here you will find something for every taste. Cool travel destinations for young people, whether you are planning a city trip or want to discover the most beautiful dream beaches.

Short break in Riga

Forget cities like Stockholm, London or Barcelona! They are not only really expensive and guarantee no cheap travel destinations, but also insanely overcrowded - tourists wherever the eye can see.

If you want to go on a cool city trip, we recommend Riga, the capital of Latvia. And don't worry, you can really fill up on culture here - Riga was even elected European Capital of Culture in 2014!

The Gothic towers of St. Peter's Church determine the cityscape, but Riga is anything but reserved and gloomy. A lively Art Nouveau scene shapes life and hipsters in particular get their money's worth here: Riga is full of cool bars, galleries and exciting restaurants.

If you want to soak up some sun, you can go to chic Jurmala. Here you will find beautiful white sandy beaches and silence or jet set and nightlife - whatever you want for your short trip.

Diving in Egypt

Do you love the underwater world and are you looking for a cheap diving destination? Then let's go to Egypt!

Egypt is still grappling with a major tourist slump, making it one of the cheapest travel destinations in Africa right now. You can take advantage of this and not just to see the pyramids. The Red Sea is a popular diving area and can be reached quickly and easily from Austria. Here you will not only find colorful reef fish, but also different types of sharks, manta rays, dolphins and sometimes even sunfish.

Places like Hurghada, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh are very popular as diving centers - you will not only find many diving centers here, but also the much-loved diving safaris in the Red Sea depart from here. And compared to the Maldives or island paradises like Raja Ampat in Indonesia, you can still go on a really cheap diving holiday in Egypt. The best thing about it? Egypt offers underwater treasures for beginners and advanced!

Weekend for lovers in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik always inspires anew, regardless of whether you are coming for the first time or have been here before. The old city is enchanting and it is not surprising that it is also called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

If you are looking for a romantic but cheap destination, you should ignore Rome or Paris and rather come to Croatia. Enchanted cobblestone streets, charming buildings and the blue sea in the background - Dubrovnik is a real fairy tale city and still one of the cheap travel destinations in Europe.

Even though Croatia is now incredibly popular with many tourists, it is still one of the best travel destinations on a budget. Dubrovnik creates the perfect connection between a romantic city break and a beach holiday - after all, the Adriatic Sea is right in front of your nose!

Adventure vacation in Morocco

Hardly any other country has grown in popularity as much in recent years as Morocco. For Europeans in particular, it offers the perfect mix of nice culture shock, great scenery and good food. The best thing about it? From Vienna you can be in Marrakech in 4 hours and the sun is still shining here when it is already gray and autumnal here.

In addition, Morocco is still a very cheap travel destination and is perfect for an adventure holiday. Here you can hike, climb the highest mountain in North Africa, fly a hot air balloon, surf, ride camels and even go skiing in winter.

Surfing, mountaineering & skiing: the coolest Morocco activities for your vacation

For culture and history fans, a visit to Fez and the blue city of Chefchaouen is worthwhile and of course a visit to the wonderfully confusing markets in Marrakech should not be missing. The following applies to everything - don't forget your camera and if it gets too turbulent for you, take the Moroccan motto to heart: keep calm and drink tea!

History lesson in Sofia

The Bulgarian capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has been in a state of flux since the end of communism. This is exactly what makes the city so special.

Unfortunately, its charm is often overlooked, as many visitors are immediately drawn to the coast or the mountains. We think it's a shame because Sofia is the ideal travel destination for young people - the city is relaxed, really cool and offers an exciting mix of modernity and history. Here you will not only find idyllic Eastern Bloc and prefabricated buildings, but also modern design.

And in which city can you admire 2000 year old Roman ruins, hike up the local mountain or go skiing and then party really well? Sofia is a cheap travel destination that makes it all possible.

Feasting in Warsaw

Warsaw is also a European capital with an eventful history, which is still reflected in the cityscape today. After World War II, Warsaw was completely destroyed and still survived. This still shapes the architecture of the city today, which is a hodgepodge of restored Gothic buildings, modern glass buildings and the obligatory prefabricated buildings.

Warsaw is particularly interesting for gourmets: hardly any other European city has such a lively and interesting restaurant scene as Warsaw. In contrast to other large foodie cities, it is an extremely cheap travel destination for connoisseurs. Star cuisine, cool bars and innovative creativity on the plates are also available here for budget travelers and the food goes far beyond the obligatory Polish bigos.

Insider tip Albania

Forget Greece or Croatia - if you are looking for a cheap travel destination that is also a real insider tip, then you should go to Albania. The small country not only offers a lively, colorful capital, but also a beautiful coastline and a fascinating, lonely mountain world.

Albania Tourism - Discover a still untouched vacation paradise

In less than 2 hours you can be in Tirana from Vienna and discover the country from here. Hikers in particular should take a look at the Prokletije National Park. Time seems to stand still here and centuries-old traditions are still being maintained in small mountain villages. You can also go hiking here without meeting a soul - untouched landscape and relaxing silence await you.

Beach lovers head to the Albanian Riviera. This is particularly cheap and easy to get to by ferry from Corfu. First of all, you have the choice - you can either go party in the popular Saranda or go in search of secluded dream beaches.

Flight to Tirana

Beach life in Thailand

If you are young and broke and are still planning a really fat vacation, the best thing to do is to book a flight to Thailand. Flights to Bangkok or Phuket are already cheap with Eurowings and we will show you when it is best to book to get a bargain.

checkfelix dealfinder - The best travel offers, no matter where

Especially for those who are planning a longer trip, the long-haul flight is also worthwhile and once you arrive in Thailand, saving is easy. Beautiful islands, jungles and dream beaches are waiting for you and the whole thing is also available for the small budget. The cost of living in Thailand is incredibly low, which makes it a really cheap travel destination.

Especially away from the big tourist castles on small islands like Koh Lanta, Koh Mak or in Chiang Mai in the north, you can sleep super cheap and, above all, eat deliciously. If you want to party, you are in the right place in Thailand, because the country is known for the “Full Moon” parties on the islands as well as the lively nightlife of the capital. You can get from A to B with cheap domestic flights, the night train or a typical, charming longtail boat.

Flight to Thailand

Scary in Romania

Romania is also an exciting and, above all, cheap travel destination. Here you will find one of the hippest capitals in Europe, Bucharest, picturesque old villages, beautiful beaches, the impressive Carpathian Mountains and of course the famous Bran Castle. The best thing about a trip to Romania? Many low-cost airlines now fly there and you can be there in under two hours by plane from Vienna.

A trip to Romania is worthwhile in both summer and winter. In summer there is really something going on on the Black Sea coast and here you will find a great alternative to Croatia or even the famous party island of Ibiza. Crystal clear water and non-stop parties beckon. Hikers will also get their money's worth, because the Carpathians captivate with their almost untouched landscape. In winter you can even go skiing here - one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe to indulge in winter sports.

Romania travel tips: Adventure in Bucharest, Sibiu & with Dracula

In addition, a city trip to Bucharest offers a history lesson that has come true and tells the country's politics. The remains of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu can still be seen here today, who only had to abdicate with the 1989 revolution. Today you will find a lively city in upheaval and an impressive creative scene.

Even though Romania has so much more to offer, a Halloween trip in particular is incredibly popular: Schässburg calls itself the birthplace of Count Dracula and Bran Castle is still (albeit incorrectly) referred to as his castle. The legends have little to do with reality, but that's still a good reason to be scared in Romania.

Flight to Bucharest