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Hiding Money When Traveling: Tips for Storing Money

Hide money and valuables well on vacation

Are you afraid that you will be robbed on a trip? I'm honest: I take it too often and have never been robbed (except in Madrid).

When I travel, however, I don't wear jewelry, but almost always a camera with me.

In Part 1 of the series on money when traveling, you can read about what the best free credit cards for me when traveling are. In this article, I'll share my best tips on how to keep your money safe while traveling. Places to hide cash and valuables.

Before the trip: think about what will be left of your wallet at home

  • Bonus cards like those from Payback, Esprit or Globetrotter? You don't need it on the go.
  • Driver's license? If you don't plan on renting a car or scooter, you don't need one either.
  • Identity card? If you have a passport with you, you don't need your ID. The reverse is also true.

By following these simple things, you can avoid the risk of losing your valuables that are too large. Therefore, I have already tested many a hiding place on many trips.

Depending on the country you should different hiding places choose. The likelihood of being attacked by a Cuban or Asian is relatively low. In South America or on the African continent it might make sense to find one second wallet with little cash and 1-2 worthless cards (e.g. expired credit card).

Especially if you are traveling with a backpack, you should several creative hiding spots use. Only hide your valuables in worthless items. It doesn't make sense to hide your credit card in the case of your laptop (if you have one with you) if the laptop is stolen. All the more so everyday and worthless the object appears, the morebetter this serves as a Hiding place.

So that I never have to have a lot of cash with me, I got theCredit cards for travel without foreign fees acquired. With these you can not only withdraw money abroad free of charge, but also pay without having to pay any fees.

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What are the best hiding spots for money and valuables when traveling?

Since I was in Madrid was robbed shortly before my return flight, I have become more cautious. At that time, not only was my money gone, but also my identity card, driver's license, credit card, EC card, bonus cards. Simply everything, shortly before the return flight.

Since then I have been following:

Everyone knows these hiding spots for money and valuables (do not use them)

Everyone hides money on vacation. Unfortunately, thieves in your holiday destination also know the most popular hiding spots. This is exactly why you should avoid the following hiding places for your valuables:

  • Suitcase or backpack: Either in side pockets or in the clothes pocket in the interior. Exactly the places where you can get your valuables quickly.
  • Neck pouch, that are worn around the neck are unfortunately no longer a good hiding place.
  • Books are cheap and are therefore not stolen. But beware: The trick is old and probably known to thieves as well.

Then where should you hide your money?

Hiding money on the body:

Money belt

The hiding place is actually known. The money belt looks like a normal belt. Inside there is a zipper in which you can hide your money.

This is included here Amazon *.

Secret pockets

In Asia you can have so-called “secret pockets” sewn into your pants or board shorts. For women, a pocket in the bra that can be sewn in is a great idea. This is useful if you want to go for a relaxed swim in the sea and your belongings are left unattended on the beach.

Bum bag (money belt)

My personal favorite hiding place is one Bum bag, also "Money Belt" called. You shouldn't wear this over, but under your clothes. In addition to your money, important documents such as passports or credit cards also fit in here.

(With both options, you should be careful not to rummage around in it too obviously. I keep observing tourists looking for money in their "secret hiding place". Only look for money in unobserved moments! Tip: change always close at hand in your pocket, or a small one second wallet at hand.)

  • Dirty socks: In rolled up used socks (preferably in a laundry bag).
  • In the wash bag: Very few people look for money here. For women: A good hiding place is between OBs or sanitary towels.
  • First aid kit: If you are traveling longer and especially with a backpack, you will definitely have a small first aid kit with you. You can hide bills and the reserve credit card between plasters, ointments and medication.
  • Empty tube of sunscreen, shower gel or deodorant: Cut open an empty bottle of sunscreen (you can also use deodorant or shower gel), wash the container, and hide the banknote in it. The perfect money hiding place is ready. It is not noticeable and is self-made in 5 minutes. (If you don't feel like doing handicrafts, you can also order a sunscreen to hide your money from Amazon *)

More tips for your valuables when traveling

  • Store documents with Dropbox: In the meantime I have scanned all important documents and saved them in an online memory. I use Dropbox for this. Other services are e.g. Google Drive or Sugar Sync.
  • A second wallet:When I travel, I always have a wallet with a secret compartment in addition to my money belt (Hide & seek by bellroy; video). Additionally asmall wallet as a substitute is also useful: change is very safe here or in your pocket. If you should be attacked, you will quickly have the small purse ready and the bigger one (hopefully) will stay with you.
  • Travelsafe to moor anywhere:The Travelsafe from PacSafe * is a great thing if you have various valuables such as a laptop, external hard drives, camera, etc. with you when traveling. You can "lock" your valuables in it and chain it up somewhere.
    For your big backpack there is the Pacsafe 85L, with which you can securely fasten all of your luggage.

Bonus tip

AtGlobetrotters have a special category „Safety on the move "(view here). There are other practical things for your trip here. I've also already ordered a few things here and I'm super satisfied.

Update 2021: I haven't used any of these gadgets for a long time. Since I often travel with very expensive camera equipment and a laptop, I have everything well insured. But I am not the "normal traveler" and have learned how to dress and behave when traveling. I feel safe".

Where do you hide your money when you travel?

Read Part 1 on Travel Security Here: The Best Free Travel Credit Cards

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