What does traffic mean in online marketing


Under traffic or data traffic is the general flow of data within computer networks such as the World Wide Web. In the narrower sense, one speaks of traffic when a website is accessed. Basically, this means the user traffic of a page, which can be increased through various types of search engine optimization. The so-called web traffic consists of all data that users send and receive when visiting a website; it makes up most of the internet traffic.

The amount of web traffic can be used as an indicator of the attractiveness of a website. In addition to the total number of visits or page impressions of a page, the unique users can also be determined via web analysis in order to differentiate the quantity of web traffic if necessary. A lot of traffic can also mean more opportunities for advertising revenue.

However, the website operator has to be on the lookout for so-called trash traffic, which can arise from incorrect programming or incorrect keywords. In this case, the traffic is mostly useless for the website operator, since the visitor only visited the site because of an error.

Another problematic aspect is the so-called bot traffic, which is artificially generated by computer programs. In advertising in particular, considerable damage occurs due to the ineffective advertisements. In this context, one also speaks of ad fraud or click fraud. More information here: