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Irons have a heated soleplate. The temperature is set between 80 ° C and 200 ° C with an infinitely adjustable temperature controller and then maintained automatically → iron from the inside. The iron is connected to an alternating current socket for AC 220-240V 50-60Hz.

Figure 1: Structure of a steam iron

steam iron

Steam irons have a water tank in which steam is generated from a certain temperature range. This continuously emerges from openings in the soleplate during smoothing (see Figure 3) and moistens the laundry. The steam output is given in g / min and has a range of 7 g / min-70 g / min for the models. In addition, there are often functions for an additional burst of steam and a spray function, which are intended to replace a spray bottle. The power of the steam jet is between 30 g / min and 200 g / min. Steam irons are filled with distilled water or tap water (please read the operating instructions urgently). Water from a → condenser dryer should be filtered beforehand so that there is no more fluff in the water. In private households this works with a coffee filter.
Ironing with steam is only possible at high temperatures, usually in temperature range 3, at lower temperatures there is no more steam and the iron begins to drip. In this case, the steam regulator must be in position "0". The size of the water tank is limited with steam irons. The water is used up quickly, especially with high amounts of steam. If a steam iron is used, suitable ironing boards must be used.

Automatic switch-off

There are various reasons in favor of an automatic switch-off (e.g. activeControl or 4Safety ™). If the doorbell or the telephone rings, the iron switches itself off automatically during longer calls. The automatic switch-off not only helps to save electricity, but also to reduce the risk of fire. However, the automatic switch-off does not release you from your duty to handle the device carefully and to pull the power plug after finishing work. There are different automatic switch-offs:
Once the iron can switch itself off after a certain period of time. The period of time can also depend on the position of the iron. If the iron is upright, it takes longer (e.g. 8 minutes) to switch off than if the iron is horizontal or on its side (e.g. 30 seconds).
Other models have a sensor in the handle. These irons only heat up when the handle is held in the hand. There are irons that are automatically lifted in a horizontal position (safety lift) as soon as the handle is released.

Travel iron

This 18 cm long and 520 g heavy travel iron comes from the early 1990s. The handle is removable and doubles as a water tank that can be filled with 40 ml of tap water. The voltage selector switch enables the mains voltage to be switched from 115 V to 230 V. As with large specimens, the ironing temperature is adjusted to the materials with a temperature controller. The travel iron can be easily stowed away in the suitcase thanks to its compactness and does a good job when ironing travel clothes. Today's travel irons are essentially constructed similarly. However, the performance of today's devices is sometimes significantly higher. While modern travel irons have an output of up to 1100 watts, the old iron still got by with 600 watts.

This old model of a travel iron weighs an impressive 1000 g and offers the option of switching the mains voltage between 220 V and 110 V by folding the flap either to the left or right side. If the handle is unscrewed, the iron is much more manageable, but the weight makes you shy away from stowing it in the suitcase. Compared to today's models, the device is very economical with 200 watts of power, but does not allow the temperature to be adjusted.

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