How is the culture of China

Culture China - Etiquette and Customs

respect and Danger, especially towards older people, are extremely important in Chinese society. The everyday togetherness in China is through lots of unwritten rules that can create unpleasant situations for unprepared travelers. You will surely be forgiven if you do not know all the customs. To avoid accidental insults, keep the following in mind:

In China, reputation is of massive importance. The Chinese will do their best to help you with any questions you may have. This is especially true if the locals believe they are speaking to someone from a higher level in the Chinese social hierarchy (e.g. an elderly person or an employer). In Chinese culture, this is Group identity far more important than individuality. Therefore, gaining or losing reputation also affects a person's environment.

In the west will smile or laughter generally understood as a sign of happiness. This is also true in China, but the same facial expressions can also express concern or embarrassment at the same time. Unlike in Western cultures, it is also not common to smile at strangers.

The Giving gifts is very important in China. Especially when you visit a person in their home. But don't be surprised if the person receiving the gift refuses the gift. The Chinese are so polite that you may have to offer your gift two or three times. In Chinese culture, accepting a gift is viewed as a sign of greed.

There are surprising lots of social rules around food. The most important have with the Handling chopsticks to do. If you are eating from a bowl, be sure to remove the chopsticks when you take a break or when you are done. A bowl with side sticks is reminiscent of incense sticks used in funeral rites and is therefore called Sign of bad luck considered. You should also never gesticulate with chopsticks in hand, as this can be understood as an aggressive act.

Don't worry if you can't remember all of these etiquette. You will find that most people are very understanding. This is especially the case in cities like Shanghai and Peking (Beijing), where people are more used to Western guests and their behavior.

With this in mind, you will find that China's culture is as diverse and vibrant as no other in the world. Book a private, tailor-made trip with us and experience the richness of Chinese culture up close.