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Use SOLIDWORKS PDM in the home office

In this post, we'll show you different ways you can Use SOLIDWORKS PDM in the home office or on the go can. Since SOLIDWORKS PDM requires a connection to the SQL and archive server, except in offline mode, one of the following techniques must be used to create a relaxed working from home to enable.

If you are a pure SOLIDWORKS user, this article will help you to use SOLIDWORKS in the home office.

1.Virtual private network (VPN)

With a VPN, you can have a Establish a stable, encrypted connection from home to your office network. If you have sufficiently strong hardware or a company notebook in your home office, you can use this option to carry out your activities directly on this computer while you connect to the PDM safe as if you were in the office. Other resources (file server, e-mail, intranet, ...) that are otherwise only available to you in the office can usually be used via a VPN connection. Depending on the configuration and performance of the underlying network connections, the performance can come close to that in the office.

A Latency and data throughput (bandwidth) always play a special role here.. With high latencies, it is likely that vault browsing, finding, and making status changes will be slower. If the available bandwidth is reduced, you will particularly notice this when fetching, checking out and checking in files. Good latencies are below 50ms, problems can occasionally occur from 100ms. Productive work becomes increasingly difficult from 200ms. If the accesses are made within Europe, the latencies are usually well below 50 ms.

With regard to the bandwidth, in contrast to the latencies, no general statement can be made. In the event that a suitable connection is not available to you, it is probably better to either use a remote maintenance solution (point 2) and leave the workstation in the office or to consider using the web-based PDM (PDM Web2 / point 3) .

We can recommend the following steps to get the Improve performance when working via VPN:

  1. In general, it is possible to work with all SOLIDWORKS PDM versions via VPN. Since the current version (2020 SP2) contains some optimizations in this regard, we recommend using them.
  2. Deactivation of the automatic updates of the structure tree in the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in. Go to Tools> SOLIDWORKS PDM> Options and on the "Server" tab, uncheck all options under "Automatically update structure in additional structure area" and make sure that the "Reload structure when an inactive component is selected" option is on "Never" is set.

Connectivity to use PDM over a VPN

If you are connecting to the office network through a VPN, you must ensure that the client system can reach the PDM servers on the office network. For this purpose, the Activation of the corresponding ports as well as a successful name resolution (DNS) necessary. Depending on the environment, problems with name resolution can be solved by making entries in the host file of the client computer.

The following ports are required:

License server25734, 25735
SOLIDWORKS PDM archive server3030
MS SQL database server (standard instance)14331434

2. Remote desktop tools

If you do not have access to suitable hardware at home and / or a VPN connection to the company is not possible, there is a possibility Remote maintenance tool to be used to connect directly to your workstation in the office. You can get these tools from run on any type of computer or even on a tablet. Using a remote desktop program is probably the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with minimal technical challenges. In choosing this option, you are using both the hardware and software from your workstation in the office. You establish a connection using a remote maintenance tool and control your system from home. Apart from the installation of the remote maintenance client, no further installation is necessary on the system in the home office. The hardware used is largely irrelevant. Many remote maintenance tools also offer support for tablets.

Some remote maintenance solutions offer free trial periods as well as generally free use for private individuals.

3. SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 (PDM Professional only)

If you SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional use is Web2 is already part of your package. It may just need to be installed and configured to use it. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring Web2. Once Web2 is set up on the IIS server, IT needs to map it to a web domain name so that computers outside of your office can connect. We also strongly recommend the use of an encrypted HTTPS connection and secure passwords.

With Web2, users can Review and transfer files through a browser on any device. Users can also check out files, download them to a local computer, and then upload and check them in.

While this is not as easy or convenient as working in the PDM vault view, it does allow users to continue working when both a VPN connection and the use of a remote maintenance solution are not possible.

The following video gives you a brief overview of Web2:

4. Work offline

If there is no way to connect live to the PDM servers from home but you have your workstation with you, the last option is to use the Vault view to work offline. This allows you to work with any files that you have already cached or checked out when you had an active connection to the server. If you are working offline, any files that you have already checked out can be edited. Any cached files that have not been checked out by you can also be used, but are read-only. When you have a live connection to the PDM server again, you can check in any files you have edited.

If none of the above options are suitable for you, we will of course be happy to help you personally. As usual, you can reach us at + 43- (0) -50 246 or [email protected]

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