How is Kyoto University?

Kyoto Sangyo University is threatened because of coronavirus infections among the students

In Japan, the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing rapidly every day. This affects not only older people, but also younger people. Among other things, several students from Kyoto Sangyo University have contracted the virus. This ensures that the university now receives numerous complaints and threats.

Kyoto Sangyo University said it had received hundreds of complaints recently, including threats, about the coronavirus infected among students. Since March 29th, they have received phone calls and emails attacking the university. On this day, the first infected among the students were reported. In total, there are said to have been 74 cases from 13 prefectures as of Wednesday that are related to university students.

People should fight against viruses, not against each other

Some of the people want to know where the sick students live. Some even go so far as to threaten to set fire to the university if they don't get a response. The hatred against the students goes even further. A restaurant in the city of Kyoto no longer wants to serve university students. Parents from the facility should no longer hand over their children to a childcare facility.

The university itself publishes information about the infections in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Because of this, the students and the staff are now under enormous pressure. Human rights attorney Toyofuku Seiji makes it clear that excessive criticism can be construed as extortion or other crimes. He adds that people should fight the virus, not each other.