What is your most memorable dining experience

This particular event features six unique locations that are completely behind the scenes and accessible in small groups to limit capacity and maintain a safe physical distance. New this year, guests can also take part in an intimate, socially distant coach talk with one of the park's animal care specialists! Guests are invited to visit three locations or trainer talks to receive an exclusive FREE Expert Explorer Pin. Inside look tours and trainer calls are available at each location at different times of the day.

In addition to improving the park's already strict health and safety measures, it will significantly reduce capacity to create even more open spaces for a visit that encourages physical distance. The weekend event takes place on Saturday and Sunday from November 7th to 15th and is included in the park entrance fee. Further information can be found at: https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/inside-look/

All new coaching talks!

A brand new feature for this year's inside look. This is where guests can join the park's trainers to learn how they share their passion for caring for animals and learn about training and husbandry techniques with the animals. Trainer talks take place behind the scenes at locations across the park, including the Dolphin Theater, Sea Lion and Otter Theater, and Orca Encounter.

Additional restaurants

For an even more exclusive experience, guests from just two weekends at Sharks Underwater Grill are invited to join us for a delicious meal and an underwater visit from a member of our aquarium team to learn more about the fascinating world of sharks. At Dine with Orcas, guests can also immerse themselves in Orlando's most fascinating and memorable dining experience for the whole family. There, guests dine alongside orcas, hear from animal care experts, and see the special care they receive every day.

Both restaurants have seating arrangements to accommodate physical distances and limited capacity. Tables and chairs are cleaned more frequently, spice and top wards are closed, and guests with refillable products are given disposable alternatives. Instead of traditional menus, single-use paper menus are being used and the buffet-style service areas have been changed or closed until further notice.