Why is fast food so cheap

Fast Food: Really Cheap and High in Calories?

Fast food myths: burgers are extremely high in calories !?

Those who eat a burger also have to live with the many calories and extra love handles that they eat with the fast food. Right? Not at all. If you forego certain fast food combinations, you can easily order a burger without gaining weight. What usually turns the dish into a calorie bomb are the side dishes. The burger alone has 250 to 300 calories. With french fries and cola or lemonade, however, the menu quickly grows to up to 700 calories. Instead, you should use salad and mineral water as a side dish, then the menu can be enjoyed without regrets. But what kind of fast-food dish is a real sin when it comes to calories if the burger isn't? Even a salami roll beats the burger with 550 calories. This is followed by the currywurst with 800 calories. A real calorie bomb, however, is the four-cheese pizza with up to 1100 calories.

Myth: Fast food is always cheap !?

What about this myth: bought fast food is always cheap. Nonsense. Those who prepare their own food not only eat healthier but also cheaper. A homemade pizza with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella costs around 2.50 euros. A homemade burger menu with fries and soft drink only barely two euros. Another myth, the truth of which has been argued over and over again, revolves around the length of time burgers spend at the restaurant counter. Allegedly, every burger that is not sold within ten minutes should end up in the trash can. That's actually true. Burger restaurants in particular are committed to freshness and adhere to this guideline. In addition, in Germany there are certain storage requirements for cooked and warm dishes, which are stipulated by food law. The prepared food must be stored at very specific temperatures.

Fast Food Myths: Ketchup is Just Flavored Sugar !?

If you have french fries, then at least without ketchup! After all, ketchup is nothing more than flavored sugar - isn't it? That is not right. Ketchup contains at least 25 percent highly concentrated tomato paste. And in this pulp, in turn, is the plant substance lycopene, which protects our immune system and prevents cardiovascular and cancer diseases. So if you choose a low-sugar ketchup variant, you don't have to do without the sauce. One last myth remains to be cleared up: Is it true that the Germans' favorite fast food is burgers and fries? No. French fries are in first place among young people because they are cheap and, thanks to their high carbohydrate and fat content, make them feel good, with adults, however, pizza comes out on top. 820 million frozen pizzas are sold in Germany every year.