Why are games streamed on PS Now

Cloud gaming with Playstation Now

Playstation Now is Sony's cloud gaming platform. This not only makes it possible to play Playstation games on your console, but also on the PC. We'll tell you all about PS Now requirements, costs, and games.

Sony PS Now is a GaaS service. This means that games are available here in a library that you can freely choose from. Much like Netflix with movies. Not only are the latest titles to choose from, old retro games on the PS2 and PS3 can also be played via console and PC.

PS Now requirements

If you use the Playstation, you will be familiar with the service anyway. What is new, however, is that you can also play exclusive Playstation games on your PC. The advantage of cloud gaming is that you have access even with a weak computer. Because the image is only streamed, the billing takes place on the server computer. So your computer only has to pass on the control commands and display the picture.

To ensure that your control commands do not lag and the picture does not jerk, you need a powerful internet connection. Playstation Now set a minimum connection speed of only 5 Mbit / s and therefore has the lowest requirements of all cloud gaming platforms. But how Sony comes up with this information is just astonishing. Because at this speed every game becomes torture: The picture is anything but beautiful and jerks pathetically. Everything works smoothly only from 30 Mbit / s, but still recognizes image errors such as artifacts and frame drops.

Ideally, you use a landline internet with a bandwidth of at least 75 Mbit / s download speed. You can find more on the subject in our Internet guide for gamers.

You can play on the Playstation console and on your Windows PC. Unfortunately, an app for the smartphone is not available. You definitely need a controller because keyboards and mice are not supported. Not only the Playstation's own controllers are allowed, but many common models.

You also need a PS Now account. You can create one on the Sony Playstation Now homepage.

PS Now subscription costs

The Playstation Now subscription costs 9.99 per month and is one of the cheapest providers of cloud gaming. A 3-month subscription for EUR 24.99 or an annual subscription for EUR 59.99 is available as an option. The games do not have to be purchased separately.

PS Now games

Over 700 games can be streamed without having to buy them. Here you will find the latest titles, which are often exclusively available for the Playstation. But also retro games of the Playstation 2 and 3. The games do not have to be installed first, you can start right away.

There are games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Doom, The Last of Us, as well as the series Resident Evil, Red Dead Redemption and the Lego games available. Classics like Silent Hill, God of War and Lemmings can also be played.

You can also see whether the games are continuously available or whether they are titles that will be replaced by others after a while. You can also see the expiration date.

PS Now graphic

The graphics are horseshoe: a maximum stream resolution of 720p to 60 fps is only possible. Unfortunately, there are always some image errors.

With the Playstation, this error can be fixed by downloading the games and playing them locally. Then the games offer resolutions of up to 4K and 5.1 surround sound. The downloaded games can also be played for up to a week without an Internet connection. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the PC.