How can I monetize my WordPress account

# 41 Monetize your WordPress blog with EXXPress on the $ HIVE crypto blogchain: Blog Dich Reich

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Are you ready to transform your Hive blog to run it as a blogchain ???

Create your HIVE account

Once your Hive account Signup for Hive you can install and configure the EXXP plugin in WordPress. You can find the configuration of the EXXP plugin in your WordPress dashboard "Settings -> EXXP". The most important data of the plugin are your Hive username and your Hive private posting key. Of course, you can also register with HIVE without a WordPress account and earn tokens through your contributions. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary.

Install the EXXP plugin on your WordPress blog

The last setting you can make is the delay in publishing your post from WordPress to the Hive Blockchain. The SteemPress plugin instructions suggest setting this value to 10080 (7 days). Yes, in the beginning it is admittedly a bit tricky to come to terms with Hive's new mana resource system.

Before submitting your posts to Hive, it is important to understand the SteemPress post queue and resource scoring system. Hive Blockchain is a hard fork from Steemit and with has launched a new resource credit system, no need to panic, I'll try to explain it to you in more detail. Most of the articles on the subject didn't really help me understand the plugin or get it to work as they were old and mostly focused on the technology itself.

Hot tip

Thumbs up for this great plugin from SteemPress. Attention, even the blogs where a number of posts have already been uploaded on your website, can post them on the Hive blockchain with a one-click function.

How can I monetize my WordPress posts ???

M8:As a new user of Hive it took me some time to get used to the new system and it worked pretty well I think. The most important thing you should consider is to really do every step by step, i.e. for things that you do for the first time, a final check is required and if necessary you should make a note of it if you are not sure. If you go to the website and open it with your @username, you can view from your account the available balance as well as the top-up rate of the account resources.

Finally, the process is relatively easy to understand, provided you have enough resource credit you can start, please note that you have a posting limit of 4 posts per day. The recharge rate is pretty slow. Once you have everything set up, you can still keep an eye on your account to ensure that contributions are being spent properly. If you post a lot of contributions, you quickly reach the limit without being noticed and your contributions simply fly out of the Hive queue. The tokens can be freely traded on a crypto exchange in euros or US dollars, you can see the current price onCoinMarketCap. More information can be found here,TUTORIAL: 《Bitcoin Trading》 How to Buy Cryptos Safely ??? - How to invest in cryptocurrencies step by step