Is it necessary to eat less during a diet

Brain performance increases with a reduction in calories

Since female mice have a higher risk of dementia than male mice (which, by the way, is the same in humans), Ginsberg's team observed a group of female mice.

Half of the group received normal food in terms of calories. The calorie content of the feed for the remaining animals was reduced by thirty percent.

In the middle and high adulthood of the mice, the researchers examined the hippocampal region of the animals. This is the area of ​​the brain that shows signs of Alzheimer's earliest.

It was found that a low-calorie diet, through its influence on 900 genes, ensured that the mice in question were protected from Alzheimer's.

Less performers do better in the intelligence test

A study by the Society for Neuroscience In 2013.

Professor Li-Huei Tsai and colleagues also researched the relationship between dietary calorie intake and memory problems, and discovered that a 30% reduction in calories improved results on intelligence and memory tests.

So if you are one of those people who eat healthy and balanced, but always “like a sparrow” in terms of quantity, but feel good and cheerful, then stick with it. Don't be fooled into doing something unhealthy.

And if your family includes such a little eater, then just make sure that he eats wholesome and varied foods, but do not force him to consume large amounts of food.

Fewer eaters may still have that healthy eating instinct that many of us have lost today and that protects against obesity and all the problems associated with civilization.


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