How do you deal with Monday morning

Monday: 4 tips to start the week + 30 funny sayings

Hardly anyone likes Monday. You are in a bad mood, not motivated and tired. Sayings can help against the Monday blues. With our sayings and poems you can start the week with a smile.

Most people can't do anything with Monday. If it were possible, you would likely skip the day of the week and stay in bed. Unfortunately, the work that was left behind on Friday is waiting for you. Stress and lack of energy are inevitable.

Funny sayings about Monday can beautify the beginning of the week. With a smile on your face, you will automatically get through the day better.

Monday: an unpopular weekday

The moon as namesake

Monday is the most unpopularDay of the week. More than 80 percent of German employees state that they are in a bad mood at the beginning of the week. This condition will too Monday blues called.

The term Monday is derived from GermanicMoon godMani from. For the ancient Teutons, the moon was the brother of the sun, so Monday followed Sunday.

According to the International Organization for Standardization and the ISO 8601 version, Monday is the Beginningtheweek. This was not the case before. Until 1976, people had to work on Sundays.

From Monday we usually have one negativepicture in the head. Among other things, this is due to certain linguistic creations that convey such an image. For example, a Monday car is used when a car has been poorly processed. A Monday car or a Assembly device is therefore broken or has significant defects. It's a kind of conditioning. This negative image also affects the opinion on Monday.

Monday also has its own advantages: Many public holidays always fall on this weekday, for example Easter Monday, Whit Monday or Rose Monday.

Sayings at the start of the week

Laughter and a good mood help to get through the start of the week. With motivationand fun you can work much better. It is common knowledge that Monday is not one of the most pleasant days of the week. A few can add to the good mood claims and Quotes help over Monday.

Funny sayings for Monday

Funny sayings for Monday

It's hard to motivate yourself for work, school or university on Monday. But why take the first day of the week so seriously? With something fun and sarcasm you get a nice start to the week. The right sayings can help you find the Beginning of the week to survive.

  1. Monday morning: coffee, coffee and a bad mood.
  2. Damn! I slept through Monday.
  3. My view on Monday: New week, new losers.
  4. One minute on earth is felt like 20 minutes on Monday.
  5. You are welcome to call it a day earlier today on Monday.
  6. Snooze, snooze, bath, cry, get dressed, go out and keep crying - my morning routine on Monday.
  7. The new season is available! The Walking Dead: Monday Mornings.
  8. “Dark Monday, Light Week” - Unknown
  9. Forget about Flappy Birds! The hardest level is and will be Monday morning.
  10. Monday: One day to rule them.
  11. Do you know the feeling of getting out of bed with energy and a good mood on Mondays?
    No? Neither do I!
  12. For students, Monday is the long weekend.

Good morning, Monday: Positive sayings for the start of the week

Good morning, Monday: Positive sayings for the start of the week

Everyone knows the feeling of getting out of bed early after the weekend. You are looking for energy and try to wake up Maybe Monday morning is a real one for you too Agony.

You can, besides coffee and Morning exercise, already one smilebeautify the morning on the face. In order not to take Monday morning too seriously, we've got you covered positive and motivatingclaims summarized.

  1. In case nobody has told you today: Good morning and nice to have you!
  2. Good Morning! Trust me you can do it.
  3. “This week goes by in a frenzy, you have to go with the river.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  4. A beautiful good morning. Have a stress-free day into the new week and enjoy it!
  5. The older you get, the less important the assembly becomes. Why? There are fewer and fewer. Enjoy every single day!
  6. Good morning, dear Monday. A new day with a lot to experience.
  7. “I think I figured out what the week is good for. Namely to recover from the boring Sundays. ”- Mark Twain
  8. “Live every day as if it were your first and last.” - Angelus Silesius
  9. “A new day lures you to new shores” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  10. Good Morning. Have a nice start to the week and stay the way you are!

Tomorrow is Monday sayings

Tomorrow is monday sayings

Just a weekend, tomorrow is the start of the week again. Sunday can feel just as bad for many as Monday. It shouldn't come to that. With tomorrowisMondaySayings we will help you to forget the start of the week. It is better to enjoy Sunday instead of busy yourself with the next week's work.

  1. “It's strange that a Sunday meal always tastes much better on Monday.” - Wilhelm Schlichting
  2. “Oh, how nice it is to work when you have something dear to think about and you are sure to be with him on Sunday” - Gottfried Keller
  3. “Tomorrow is Monday.” The “L” stands for Favorite Day
  4. On Sunday you shouldn't forget Sunday yet.
  5. Tomorrow is Monday. But the last of the week! "
  6. As a student, I don't know Monday. For me tomorrow is Sunday.
  7. "Why is today Sunday?" Is the new "Why is tomorrow Monday?"
  8. With the sentence “Tomorrow is Monday” you make yourself unpopular.

Poems and texts about Monday

Poems and texts about Monday

Centuries ago poet and thinker deals with Monday in their lyric texts. Today this weekday has a rather negative image, which is probably also related to the fact that Monday has been known as firstWorking day applies.

But even before that, Monday had one in poetry negativeimportance. The following lyric examples deal with Monday between the 18th and 20th centuries.

The poets complain about in their texts Grievanceslike hunger, war or destruction. In all cases, Monday is related to the problems described.

Weekly calendar

Monday only. - Horrible! Joyless
Start again where the week closed.

First Tuesday. - Horrible! Senseless
Spiders on the gray web of life.

Wednesday only. - Horrible! Without a goal
Replay the game you have played.

Thursday. - Terrible! Without mercy
Remeasure the diameter path.

Friday already. - Terrible! Confused trinket
Wade through the sand again.

Saturday already. - Terrible! Without greeting
Wander around the foot of the hill forever.

Sunday today - Terrible! Again new
Sail past the lighthouse here.

(Christian Wagner)


After a thunderstorm

From deep dark masses of clouds
The lightning quickly illuminates the night.
You must quickly grasp happiness
That falls from the sky.
All earthly delight
Is a clear lightning bolt
The one in a few moments
Divine wants to be enjoyed.

Heaven opens up, down
If he casts a godly look,
But in no time it closes again
And happiness is gone.
I can hardly feel granted
Me as the high son of gods,
See and dig a thousand pains
In my human breast already.

Just enjoy the moment
We the highest poetry;
But may they flow:
The memory captivates them.
You, the sorceress, the fair one,
Takes happiness in their lap
Decorate it with your evening gold
To you to eternally beautiful lot.

Do I have to - ah! - part with you too,
That I looked deep into the eye
But in all eternity
Keep remembrance close to me;
And the happiness that became me.
When I blessed you,
Holds with their flower borders
The golden hand of remembrance.

I hold you embraced with exultation;
Because happiness is granted to us.
Shining memories
Refresh hearts that are separated.
And the kiss from your mouth
The poet's word rewards,
Glows until the last hour
Away on happy lips.

(Ludwig Storch)

Monday in the barracks yard

The heat is sticky on the rifle and hand.
She sticks out the eyes. No thing was left unmoled.
The crew, still half drunk, is oozing in the fire.
The NCOs stand rigidly in front of the front.

The bright earth is a dead carousel.
Nothing gets upset. Nothing falls. No colorful sky flies.
Very rarely does a hoarse bark tear apart
The blue pig lying on the stone barracks.

(Alfred Lichtenstein)

Tips for a nice Monday

Tips for starting the week

You probably also suffer from the Monday blues - those depressedUpset on Monday morning. You feel bad, tired and totally unmotivated. Many even have the feeling on Sunday. Scientist the UniversityGothenburg even found that the mood on Sunday is even worse than on Monday. So you could also from Sunday blues speak.

In order to get through the beginning of the week well, you should come on Monday morning motivation start the day. In addition to coffee and other wake-ups, we have fourTips for you, how you look forward to the start of the week.

Start the day relaxed

Stress is the worst that can happen to you on Monday. You're probably trying again like this on Mondays muchsleep to get as possible. But this is not beneficial if you sleep in too long Time delay device. You stress yourself through your Morning routineand appear already full of tension at work. This is not exactly beneficial for a positive start to the week.

Therefore refrain from activating your Snooze button. You have more time in the morning and don't have to drink your coffee while you work. Apart from that, the snooze button confuses your brain. By the Slumber your brain doesn't know whether it's awake or tired. As a result, many are tired for hours after the doorbell rings and have some sort of Jet lag.

If you do without, you arrive awake at work. Of course, you can also use the time you have left to do the claims and Quotes read through. Maybe that will make you Smile and makes you happy. The main thing is that you don't take Monday too seriously.

Try to laugh more often

Try to laugh more often

Those who laugh are lively and motivated through the day. You should try this especially on a Monday. You automatically feel happier once you get your Facial muscles pull up.

Your mouth and your brain influence each other. Smile you think yours Brain, you are happy.

Even if it is particularly difficult to smile on Mondays, consciously force yourself to do so. You immediately feel better and Monday seems more positive too. Are you happy you go more relaxed and more motivated get to work.

Funny sayings, quotes and texts also put a smile on your face - maybe even a saying about Monday? Use every opportunity to make yourself smile. You are more motivated and has positiveenergy for the start of the week.

Relax on Sunday

Relax on Sunday

It is right that you are your weekend should use it sensibly and plan activities with friends and family. Nevertheless: Try to keep Sunday as free as possible and focus solely on that Relax to concentrate. This is an efficient way to prepare for Monday.

If you are already stressed on Sunday, you have even less energy on Monday. Sunday is your day off so relax. Try to fill your energy stores at least on the last day of the weekend. So you go with newerforce in the week.

Likewise, it doesn't make sense to think about Monday on Sunday. This puts a strain on your psyche and also stresses you. In addition, you lose motivation for the upcoming week. Don't spoil your Sunday, try on the weekend positivethoughts to understand.

Go through the day with optimism

Go through the day with optimism

You wake up on Mondays and think about them straight away jobthat you left behind on Friday? Or to the colleague on vacation from whom you take over the tasks? Such thoughts motivate don't and don't give you any ambitionto get through the new week well. Instead, try to focus on the positive things.

Maybe you will meet on end of working day with old friends? Or are you looking forward to the good selection in the canteen this afternoon? No matter! Just the thought of you after the eightHours Being able to relax can motivate you. Focus on the positive side of Monday and immediately feel more optimistic.

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